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Principles and techniques of pre-production planning for motion imaging; objectives and stages of pre-production, target group, measurement of budgeting; special techniques for pre-production planning; causes and factors of pre-production planning for motion imaging.

Producing film from the adaptation of knowledge gained from film studies; the work that will be produced has to be admitted from the film thesis board including the title, the purpose, and the creative references all of which have to be pitched at the film thesis board.

Preparation for working in film studio; lectures by guest lecturers; studio field trip; report and seminar.

Study of Thailand; the emergence and the founding of the Nation and national identity,culture, religious rituals, traditions, festivals, entertainments, belief systems, folklore, gender roles, social stratification, social mobility and urbanism; Thailand in the context of changing economy, society, culture and environment; Thai culture and lifestyle in the changing urban environment.