The principle of general philosophy; the periods of western and eastern philosophy; modern philosophy and post-modern philosophy; human in society and culture.

The principles of decision making and thinking processes, critical and creative thinking, data analysis, logic and reasoning. Scientific skills and the application of problem solving in daily life.

The concept, meaning, and principles of script writing as an international film standard; practice to write an essay and a summary; writing a plot or story treatment and theme; practice to state the theme from articles, short stories, and movies; practice to create the theme from news, story of personal experiences; and write a short film script from a given theme.

The concept of creating imagination, creativity, and inspiration in film making; make a field trip as an inspiration and experience in creative thinking; writing the essay from field trip and converting experience story into film; sharing some experiences among other groups and creating a united work together.

The concept and meaning of costume design in film; the history of costumes in each era in the western world; the history of Thai costumes; the principle of costume design; creating the patterns of simple outfit; the use of sewing equipments; making up Batik and fabric painting designs; designing for accessories; the use and maintenance of tailor tools sewing; costume personnel and functions for costume design department.

Introduction to anthropology and sociology, socialization, social institutions, nature and development of world cultures, social, environmental, technological and cultural changes, International relation, UN.

The concept and meaning of screenplay; conflict in plot or storyline; characters, characterization; three-act structure (formula) of screenplay; indispensable part of screenwriting; resolution (culminating in a climax and a dénouement) of the three-act structure; setting in time of screenwriting; dialogue in screenwriting; comedy screenplay formula; dramatic structure for screenplay; thriller screenplay formula; action screenplay formula; horror screenplay formula; feature screenplay format; reading good samples of screenplay; deliberate practice of screenwriting.