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Introduction to anthropology and sociology, socialization, social institutions,
nature and development of world cultures, social, environmental, technological and cultural
changes, International relation, UN

Planning, designing, preparation of equipment, and various techniques to be used
in photography. Measurement and lighting for photo taking of people or objects, amendments
of lighting and sounds for taking photos in various settings.

Concepts and principles of television camera and video technology used to record and analyze the mechanical control system of the machine tape; video disc measuring tools and measurement techniques. Image sequence using Adobe premiere.

English composition for business, business writing skills, business document, references, business correspondent, business technical terms, on-line business communication.

English for International business, intermediate academic English communication, business writing, business document reading, and global business speaking, technical terms and defines the various forms of business communication.

English for business administration. Basic academic English Communication: reading, speaking, and writing, telephone communication, comprehension of written academic information.

Introduction to English composition for daily life. Functional writing: writing for everyday communication and academic writing.

The concept and meaning of 2ds computer program on Adobe Photoshop; the use of 3ds max and Maya computer program; the use of computer program – for motion graphics, compositing, and visual effects – Adobe After Effects, Shake, and Discreet Combustion; the use of computer program for color visual design.

English for Communication and Study Skills aims to give students a better command of the English language for many different purposes. Remedial aspects of the class focus on a better understanding of grammar and pronunciation. Other aspects of the class focus on reading and working.

Drawing for animation develops the skill sets related to visual communication language as well as story telling skills. It also introduces many of the techniques used in fine art to spark interest in the viewer. Fundamentals of drawing as well as the materials used are explained and practiced in depth. Students will practice making short works. 

This course introduces the skills needed to use computers for managing, creating and editing animations.

  1. Skills with Adobe software

  2. Skills with computer programs used to create A/V materials

  3. Increased fluency in English for working

The objectives of the subject are to increase proficiency in drawing and cartooning, and to analyze and develop a grammar of filmic language. Other objectives are to improve the subject by increasing the use of and quality of materials, and to develop techniques in the motivation of the stories to be animated.