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File TQF5 FRP 1203 Cinematography 1

In this course student will be introduced to the cinematography. Also student will develop creative skills, techniques and collaborative approaches which will help students to become ready for employment in camera work in today's evolving media industry.

File TQF5 IGL1102 Communicating in English

English for communication means being able to work with others who do not speak Thai language as well as mastering fluency in spoken and written English. Since learning language is a life-long process, students will practice by applying English to their studies in other courses and/or course work.

File TQF5 IGL1104 English Composition for Business

English writing skill to expand students’ knowledge of English grammatical structures and sentence patterns and link English sentences to compose paragraphs for business.

File TQF3 FPR3307 Computer Generated Imagery for Film

This course aims to familiarize young filmmakers with the large variety of special effect and the method of using them in editing video. Students start with animating stills and move on to working with video and their own productions.

File TQF 3 IGL1101 English for Communication and study Skills

English for business administration. Basic academic English Communication: reading, speaking, and writing, telephone communication, comprehension of written academic information.

File TQF3 IGL1103 English Composition for Daily Life

This course exists to build self-confidence in Thai students' abilities as they relate to events which could occur in any ordinary day, whether in the work force, touring around, talking on the phone or meeting a stranger. The course encourages students to expand on what they already know from highschool and expound upon it in such a way as to be better writers, speakers and self-learners.

File TQF3 DEC2206 Animation Editing

This course is to gain ability in editing animation process from start to finish. Each steps of animation can be modified and students should be able to modify or edit throughout the process. Students should also be able to gain the following:- 1.1 To gain more knowledge in animation process 1.2 To develop broader understanding of how each process works 1.3 To understand the theory and method behind each editing process

File TQF 3 IGL1102 Communicating in English

English for International business, intermediate academic English communication, business writing, business document reading, and global business speaking, technical terms and defines the various forms of business communication.

File TQF 3 IGL1104_English Composition for Business

English composition for business, business writing skills, business document, references, business correspondent, business technical terms, on-line business communication.