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An introductory course in the principles of Production Design. The course content includes: the structure of the Art Department and the duties of each person, fundamentals of design, application of design principles to film and television, preparation and procedures for production design, research, storyboarding, designing for special effects, designing for location, working with a limited budget. The course addresses all the aspects of preparation before the actual drafting of plan, fabrication of models, and the building of sets.

The course will consist of lectures, film/TV viewings, student projects, guest speakers from the industry, and outside readings.

The course of Film Theory 1 is focusing on a film language theory, the semiology of film, the meaning of camerawork, film genre, film crews position and the relation between film form and film criticism.

Film Directing: Students will delve deeper into the creative process and technical decisions made by the Director. There is a focus on preproduction and production. Student will learn how to work with performers and understand how to effectively communicate their ideas and vision with their crew. They will be exposed to multiple setups, movement, theories and gain a further understanding of the tools required to successfully direct any project.

Film Production is an introduction to the basic concepts of production and basic directing techniques. Students will be introduced to terminology, roles, basic shooting techniques, mastershots, interpreting the written word, as well gain an understanding the three stages involved filmmaking- preproduction, production and post-production.

Work placement in film studio, production crew as a film crew on location; making a fieldwork report; and making preparations for work placement.

Theory of cinematography; the meaning of visual language in movie; the use of the lens for language of the lens; the fundamentals of lighting; basic lighting techniques; aspects of light; intensive practice on shooting methods through different tools of cinematography.
The concept, meaning, elements, and form of seminar conforming to film studies; the retrieval of information on various varieties of film seminar; the production process of handouts and supplements; seminar participation as a lecturer or a debater; administer the seminar, including the expert or film scholar for an enlargement of film world view.
The history of acting legend, Constantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski, on the system and theory of acting; learn and practice acting according to 4 Stanislavskian principles; learn how to establish the connection between actors and audiences; Use of games and activities to develop acting performance in various ways.
The concept and meaning of the creative work for film production; the principle of integration; the crew in film production; the crew blueprint and a duty for each person in film crew; basics of hand-drawn storyboards and practices; screen skating and location scouting; the use of prop and color for creative location; the basic use of the production equipment; budgeting for film production design.
Producing film from the adaptation of knowledge gained from film studies; the work that will be produced has to be admitted from the film thesis board including the title, the purpose, and the creative references all of which have to be pitched at the film thesis board.
Characteristics of 35 mm. Single lens reflex camera, 35 mm SL; a variety of a camera lens and factors correlated with light adjustment and camera accessories; the compositions of photograph; practice in taking the photograph.
Principles and techniques of pre-production planning for motion imaging; objectives and stages of pre-production, target group, measurement of budgeting; special techniques for pre-production planning; causes and factors of pre-production planning for motion imaging.
A study of film producing in 4 processes: 1) the principles, the processes of producing film; pre-production for documentary film; pre-production for advertising; 2) production process: advertising production, documentary production, narrative film production; 3) editing process, color editing, soundtrack editing, practical planning and producing the advertising film; 4) practice to inspect the film in accordance with Thai film law enforcement before screening and practice to edit film under the film law.
The concept and meaning of film director; film director’s roles and responsibility; film director’s relationship between the cast and the crew in the production line.
Preparation for working in film studio; lectures by guest lecturers; studio field trip; report and seminar.

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Film Production: Low budget Film
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