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Students develop a basic understanding of economic principles, which allows for and encourages informed discussion of media-covered issues. Topics include contrasting macroeconomics and microeconomics; gross domestic product; economic growth and business cycles; unemployment and inflation; aggregate supply and demand; scarcity, opportunity costs, and trade; law of supply and demand; accounting versus economic profits; money and exchange rates; government choices, markets, efficiency, and equity; monopoly and competition; externalities, public goods, and free riders; and globalization and trade policy.

          The course has a broad approach to information retrieval and scientific communication. It contains all the steps in the research process, from search strategies to the communication of research results. The contents comprise

  • § Information retrieval in databases and search engines for the web
  • § Reference management
  • § Publishing strategies and open access
  • § Bibliometrics
  • § Copyright 
  • § Archiving of research data

  Students will learn fundamental English.  Moreover, students will learn how to communicate in English in different situations such as traveling, airports, restaurants, hospitals, and workplaces.

This course introduces speech communication that emphasizes the practical skill of public speaking, including techniques to lessen speaker anxiety and the use of visual aids to enhance speaker presentations. Civility and ethical speech-making are the foundations of this course. Its goal is to prepare students for success in typical public speaking situations and provide them with the basic principles of organization and research needed for effective speeches. In addition, students will learn fundamental English grammar, phonetics, pronunciations, and speech writing.

This course is designed for non-native English speakers interested in advancing their careers in the global marketplace.  In this course, students will learn about the job search, application, and interview process.  This course will also allow students to explore a global career path while building vocabulary and improving English language skills to achieve professional goals.   This course will introduce English grammar and speaking skills to prepare the job application process and provide strategies for identifying the jobs that match interests and skills.   Students will take the steps necessary to produce a professional-looking resume and portfolio.   Finally, students will be focused on the interview for the job and other skills at the workplace such as interpersonal, teamwork, and professional presentations.