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The objective of the course is to understand the concept of Southeast Asia, ASEAN and AEC. Students will study geography, history, culture, religion and government. Students are able to analyze how ASEAN fit into a global economy and become familiar with the physical, demographic, cultural, political, and economic characteristics of Southeast Asia.

The concept and meaning of doing business in a more transparent world of modern marketing; marketing analysis and consumer behaviours; promotion: advertising, sales promotion, personnel selling, public relation; strategic promotion planning; promotion and communication; psychological advertising; ethical advertising; various varieties of advertisement for films.
Countries in Southeast Asia, its economic, social, political, and environmentalsituation. Southeast Asia current, historical, and future outlook, their distinctive characteristics,geography, societies and cultures, and tourism.

Covers topics of promotion, marketing planning, market analysis,
consumer behavior of target audiences, and the competitive environment. Includes thedevelopment of goals and budgets for advertising, strategies and creative advertisements,strategic planning and media selection, marketing and public relations.

The course provides a
solid foundation of principles of marketing, and marketing analysis branding,
marketing plan, marketing research, business plan and online marketing or e
commerce. Through reading, case studies and hand on projects, students will
come away with the understanding of successful online marketing, marketing
strategies, and social media.  To
supplement the concept of digital content, various leading marketers, film makers,
content strategist from the industry are focused for extending marketing
strategies and experiences.  Students have
the opportunity to examine these topics through group projects, case studies
and exercises. Guest speakers from the industry are invited during the course.  At the end of the course, students will be
able to write a marketing plan, branding products and a business plan for film
production projects and others.
Students will study about grammar, phonetics and pronunciation. The course will emphasize on communicative English.
Stdents will study different period of art from prehistoric period to modern period. Students will also study about history of animation from different countries. Workshop and art analysis are emphasized.